CultSwitch, the Channel Manager with the bonus effect*

  • Automatically connects your hotel booking software and the platforms on the Internet
  • Controls and updates your listings in all distribution channels worldwide
  • Transfers bookings automatically in your hotel software
  • Operates Internet-based, no installation required
  • Advises you personally on all channel management issues

*Increases your sales: On average, CultSwitch customers were able to raise their bookings by 37% in 2012.

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How CultSwitch works and what it costs

The CultSwitch Channel Manager supports hotels and accommodation providers with the transmission of availabilities and prices to the various distribution channels on the Internet. It also automatically retrieves bookings from the online booking platforms. The ability to automatically serve the booking platforms and the easy connectivity to your hotel software saves time and money. You can connect to the GDS system, gain access to the eBay travel market and be bookable on a wide range of top booking platforms. CultSwitch is connected with all of these systems.

Use the double advantage

On the one hand, CultSwitch offers you: The independent and reliable automatic offering of your current free capacity in a variety of distribution channels on the Web.

On the other hand, if desired: The connection between your hotel management software (PMS) and these distribution channels allows your free rooms to be systematically offered - and in real time - on all major platforms.  Of course, you also have the freedom to create your own deals on the CultSwitch website.

Economical and profitable

All costs can be found here:


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All costs for CultSwitch itself and for implementing your desired channels

All costs for CultSwitch add-ons as Cultbooking, CultBay ...

CultSwitch connects property management systems (PMS) and booking portals worldwide

PMS, which are already automatically connected

Important booking channels, which CultSwitch manages

Pegasus Online Distribution Database

Important booking channels, which CultSwitch manages

Important booking channels, which CultSwitch manages

Important CPC channels, which CultSwitch manages

CultBooking, the booking engine (IBE) for hotel websites

Your CultSwitch Team


"CultSwitch has made the daily work in our hotel much easier. Everything is much more transparent, clearer and there are no more errors which sometimes used to creep into the system, when I manually maintained the data on the different booking portals."

"With CultSwitch, we have more time for our guests, as well as more time for creating special offers, like seasonal promotions... This has a positive impact on revenue. "

Here is how you can easily and immediately use CultSwitch

Your advantage from now on:

  • You are present on the online platforms - and receive more bookings!
  • You save time and money on the expensive care of various platforms.
  • You are protected against over-booking.
  • You can offer your entire quota on all booking sites at once.

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